Doors are very important. These separate the rooms and gives you a sense of privacy. The doors also protect you from extreme weather conditions. But you must know that door installation and replacement is not cheap this is why proper maintenance is vital to maintain not only its look but also its functionality. Because of their importance, you need to always make sure that they are in good shape. To help you with that, here are some tips that can help. 

Maintain French or Hinged Doors

The hinged doors hand on 2 or 3 hinges. They would swing toward or away from you when you open them. A French door, on the other hand, is a tyle of a hinged door with glass panes all throughout its length. This is typically made of two doors. Maintaining these types of doors is not that complicated. 

All you need is to wipe them on a regular basis using soap and water. Or if you have it, you can also use a glass cleaner. You would also want to check for any signs of wear and tear of the door sweeps. They are installed at the bottom of your hinged doors and they close the small gap between the bottom of your door and the floor. They give your doors the waterproof seal. 

Maintain Sliding And Screen Doors

A sliding door moves across a groove or on a suspended track instead of turning on hinges. The screen doors, on the other hand, is a type of sliding door that will let air and keeps out pests and insects. For you to make sure that these doors are well-maintained, wipe them down regularly with soap and water. You can also use a glass cleaner. 

Also, check the track and rollers so that your doors will just slide easily. How to do this? Pull the sliding door off the track. Lay it on a steady surface and clean the rollers. Remove any dirt and grime. You can then vacuum, the debris you see from the crack. Finish it off by wiping it thoroughly. You also need to lubricate the rollers and their trackers. Use a clean silicone but remember not to use too much. Once everything is done, put them back onto the track. Test it by shutting the door a couple of times. 

Top Three Common Door Problems

Whether you have a new or old door, problems can arise. This is why from time to time check on them since you might run into some problems. These issues are common and you can do something to fix them. Here’s what you might encounter: 

       Squeaking Door. If the sounds that your doors make start to annoy you, do not ignore it. Squeaking doors can be fixed easily. Spray the hinges with a silicone lubricant. First, you should remove the hinge pins one at a time and wipe the grime off. Spray the pins and hinges using a lubricant. Then wipe off the hinges to make sure that it will not leave any mess on your door or the doorframe. 

       Springing Door. If your door pops back open when you are trying to close it, you have a springing door problem. What you can do is to check that there is a proper gapping on each side of the door. Most likely, the molding is pressing on the door which causes the springing motion. Remove and replace the molding so that it reaches the needed gap. 

Proper door maintenance is very important. If you want your doors to stay longer, follow the tips mentioned above. No matter what door type you have, there is surely simple ways to maintain them.